Our Beginnings

I could feel my wet tee shirt rubbing under my backpack in the 60 degree weather of Galacia, Spain.  The last seven days of hiking the Camino de Santiago was an adventure in clothing. My clothing ranged from damp to wet cotton shirts and wool socks that never dried overnight to quick drying shirts that did dry over night but did not breathe and were uncomfortable to wear under my backpack in the high humidity.
Talking with other women hikers along the Camino, I realized we all shared the same concerns when it came of our shirts and socks.  We all wanted a shirt that would wick away the moisture, was soft the the feel, odor resisting, and hypo-allergenic.  A shirt that offered UV protection, was thermo-regulating and would dry overnight.  I realized this was no small list of requirements.  My goal upon returning home was to find a fabric that met at least most of these requirements and to share this fabric with like-minded women.
Home from the Camino, I began my research reading about the different qualities that fabrics had and ordered samples (many of which were not what I wanted) until I found what I was looking for.  The fabric is an organic bamboo and organic cotton blend.  Now that I had the fabric that could be made into shirts, pants and socks just to name a few clothing articles, how was I going to be able to get the word out and share these amazing garments?
Well, I needed a business.  The question from friends and family was: "Why at age 67, partially retired would I start a new business?" I know the power of Nature and how it can be healing with the right equipment so XplorHer Brands was born.  I read somewhere that, there is no bad weather, just poor clothing, and I couldn't agree more.
Since XplorHer Brands inception, our shirts "BikeHer" have ridden down the side of Haleakala crater in Hawaii to the beach at Paia on Maui, "HikeHer" have walked the edge of an empire - hiking Hadrian's Wall along the ancient border between England and Scotland and "XplorHer" have traveled the wild and paved trails across Europe and the US.  
Join us and become an XplorHer as you enjoy our amazing line of organic bamboo and organic cotton "Her" wear!


While my original idea for "HikeHer" was all about fit and a high performance hiking shirt, our customers have shared that these amazing tee shirts are also perfect for outside and inside adventures.  Our customers like wearing our shirts while eating popcorn by a roaring fire, lounging after skiing all day, biking mountain trails or picking breadfruit from a tree on an island in the Caribbean. 
For those who can’t seem to pull themselves away from their computers and other electronic devices, our customers shared they love wearing our shirts at their workstations.
A lot of well known people are wearing our shirts so join the crowd in one of our fabulous nature friendly organic bamboo/cotton tee shirts.  Whether you are a XplorHer, a HikeHer, a RunHer, a BikeHer, a SkiHer, a SurfHer, a SailHer, a CampHer, a GolfHer or a chair and or a sofa SitHer, you will not want to take our tee shirts off unless you are going to put another one of our tee shirts right back on.
By day, I am a Psychologist as well as owner of XplorHer Brands. I still need my day job, even though hiking is a form of therapy, hiking does not keep XplorHer running and growing.  I continue to do my market research out in nature, exploring new places to try out our T-shirts and always looking for ways to improve our product for you and for all your "Xploring".