The Itinerary for the Last Hundred Plus Miles

Unfortunately the first stage of the Camino was cut short and I had to return to Paris to return home.  In 2016, I returned to the Camino with my high school girlfriend and we completed the last 100 plus miles - Sarria to Santiago, walking for 7 days.

We took the train from Madrid to Sarria and arrived in the afternoon taking a taxi to our hotel, the Hotel Alfonso, a lovely hotel with all modern facilities located on the river and our starting point for tomorrows walk.  Settled in, we headed back out to find some dinner and call it an early night as tomorrow was going to be a bit of a walk.  It is 22km to Portomarin, our first stop on the "Way". 

Our itinerary for walking was as follows:

Day 1 - Sarria to Portomarin 22km

Day 2 Portomarin to Palas de Rei 24km

Day 3 - Palas de Rei to Melide 15km

Day 4 - Melide to Arzua 13km

Day 5 - Arzua to Rua 19km

Day 6 - Rua to Santiago de Compostela 20km

This segment of our Pilgrimage was through the Galacia region of Spain and was lovely. We climbed the rolling hills, walked through the eucalyptus forests, and saw meadows filled with cows and sheep. 

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