The Blessing of Our First Day

Our first day was chilly and fog hung over the fields.  Across the bridge we started following the yellow arrows and the scallop shells that were posted on walls and on the cobblestone streets.  We had to laugh as around our first corner we realized we had a long staircase to get up from the river so we could start our walk...what a way to start our first day and we were hoping this was not a sign of things to come.

Out of town we saw an elderly man with his cap and jacket on approaching us.  He passed the other Pilgrims in front of us and as he came to us, he stopped and handed Charlotte and me some lovely purple flowers from his garden as he wished us Beun Camino.  This was my first blessing that I would encounter along this stage of the "Way".

The chilly morning soon turned to a warm muggy afternoon as we approached Portomarin.  As we crossed the river here, we realized the only way to get to the town was to climb another steep staircase.  After walking for 8 hours, neither one of us was happy to see more stairs.  Climbing the stairs and walking through town we realized by asking some locals that our place for the night was out of town about a half mile, down by the river.  

We were really happy to see our accommodations the Area De Turismo Rural Sta Marina-TR.  A beautiful spot as we had our own small wooden cottage with a porch and chairs that overlooked the river. Deciding to relax before dinner we shared a glass of red wine and I took off my hiking boots and sat in the sun, watching the river as Charlotte took a nap.  A lovely dinner and drinks, we called it a night as we had another long walk tomorrow.

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