Preparing to Walk the "Edge of an Empire" - Hadrian's Wall

Having completed the Camino de Santiago, where would our next adventure take Charlotte and me?  Being of Scottish heritage I thought it might be great to walk the ancient wall that divided Scotland from the United Kingdom and was built by the Romans. I might even be able to use my knowledge from six years of Latin that I learned a long time ago to read inscriptions. 

Discussing the idea with Charlotte, she was game as she had never been to London or to England. I had actually lived in London and had taken some classes at Goldsmith's College while interning at mental health facilities there, so I knew my way around.  Our decision made, I contacted Macs Adventure again, and they sorted out our itinerary for us of nine days and 8 nights, with baggage transfers again. We would actually walk for seven full days, with a day of travel on each end. We decided to see London for a few days before heading north on the train to Newcastle upon Tyne.

We stayed at a lovely little hotel in London, Club Quarters Lincoln's Inn Fields.  In a great section of London, close to an amazing pub, Shakespeares Head, Starbucks for that morning, get up and go, as well as the Underground.  For our time in London, we got up to Wimbledon for the women's finals, went to Stonehenge and then did the Hope On Hope Off Bus, seeing the changing of the Guard at the Palace and having tea at Harrods.

After our fun few days in London, it was time to go to Kings Cross Station to head north on the train to Newcastle where we would begin our walk.  At the Kings Cross station we thought about taking the  9 3/4 platform that Harry Potter and the gang used to go to Hogwarts, but we were on holiday, not ready to go to school.  Instead we left from Platform 10.  All Aboard!

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