Navigating the Detours to Carlisle

We were fortunate in that one of the workers at the the Scotch Arms Mews heard we were walking back to Newtown and offered to take us back to where we would get back on the Wall.  Since we had walked the dangerous road once, we decided it was OK to take the offer. In Newtown we found ourselves walking in the sun.

The outskirts of Newtown were sprinkled with cottages whose yards were full of lovely colorful flowers.  The land was beginning to flatten out some and now it seemed it was one pasture after another, climbing stiles and opening and closing gates.  We came to a place called Bleatam and I had to laugh as there were sheep everywhere doing just that...bleating.  The were not afraid of us and we worked our way through them into a new pasture with cows who just stood and looked at us as if we were aliens. The slightly narrow raised straight path we were walking on is actually both the Roman Military Way and the base of the Wall.

  Not far from here we came across another honesty snack box and while we didn't need anything we left a few coins for the young girl who was on her way to check the box.  Such a kind idea for us weary hikers.  More pasteurs and walking and we came to Crosby on Eden (Eden is the River) and this is where we were noticing detours on poles because of terrible flooding last year, part of our path was now not safe to walk.

Following the path through Rickerby Park according to our directions we were to take the Iron bridge over the Eden River but Iron Bridge was now closed. We stopped some folks in the park and asked directions how to get out of the park and get to the main bridge to the City Center.  We were told to follow the River until we could see the main bridge, climb the stairs and cross the river with all the traffic.  Safely on the other side of the river, and in Carlisle, we decided a nice glass of wine was in order before we tackled the city to find our lodgings for the night.  

Relaxing in the sun, was a great way to unwind as this part of our Walk had been stressful. We were also becoming bone tired after walking for six straight days.

Looking at our directions we realized they were from crossing the Iron Bridge. We decided to use Google as we had service in town to find our way.  Heading back out to the main street we passed shops and then found ourselves winding along homes on lovely shaded streets.  Rounding a corner we came to the Victorian guest house, Howard Guest Lodge.  As we went up the steps there was a note attached to the door saying that if we rang the bell and no one came, they would be around in back in the garden, to come around. We rang the bell and we were greeted by our hosts.  

Boots off, we were shown our rooms upstairs and to our delight there were our bags in our room.  Freshening up, we headed back out to check out the town of Carlisle as it is a large town and find some supper.  Walking the town we stopped at a small pub as I wanted to know where I could buy some local Scottish Single Malt Whiskey as I had a request from our youngest son to bring some back if possible.  The bartender said there was a new shop just opened down an alley that was on our way back, to check it out.  We did, it was closed for the day so we decided we would check it in the morning.  

Not far from our lodgings we found a small Italian restaurant and had a lovely dinner before heading back and calling it a day.  It was hard to believe that tomorrow would be our last day of hiking and I found the thought bitter sweet.  My feet were really glad we were coming to an end and while it had been quite an adventure, I was ready to see it end tomorrow.

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