Looking Back on Walking the Edge of an Empire

As we had walked into the village of Bowness-on-Solway late yesterday afternoon we walked by this wall full of past hikers boots filled with flowers which I thought was a fitting tribute to all the shoes that had gone before.  While my feet were sore, I was not willing to donate my boots to the wall for future flowers.

We woke to the sound of heavy rain on the window and felt so blessed that the owner of our lodging had to go into Port Carlisle this morning and was happy to drop us off at the train station for our trip back to London.  Packed up and having had breakfast, we said our good byes not only to our hosts but to Hadrian's Wall as well.  We had done it...Walked from the North Sea to the Irish Sea in seven days. While the actual length of the Wall Path is supposedly 84 miles, according to my Polar GPS watch that counted our miles, we walked a little over 116 miles during that seven days.  The additional miles were to our lodgings off the Wall Path as well as the few times we got lost but then found.

I've been asked it I would Walk Hadrian's Wall again, the answer is short and simple, No.  It was a most difficult hike due to the terrain, as often it was just worn down tall grass that we walked through, never knowing what was under our feet.  Hiking the crags were scary and slippery and steep and being in the middle of nowhere, there was always cause for concern should we slip or fall with civilization so far away.  Am I glad I did it, Yes. I needed to soothe my restless soul and walking the moors and crags in the mist and rain, took me to a different time, allowing me to just be.

What will be my next adventure?  Time will tell, maybe something closer to home.  I hope you will check in with me now and again to see what kind of XplorHer I have become.

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