Final Destination Bowness-On-Solway

Saying good bye to our hosts, we were on the last day of our trek as the next stop would be our finish, Bowness-on-Solway on the Irish Sea.  Getting out of Carlisle turned out to be a bit of a problem and if a lovely elderly couple on bicycles had not taken pity on us, we might still be standing on that corner trying to figure how to get out of town.

It was not an enjoyable walk out of town, walking along busy streets.  It seemed to take us forever to get out into the country and today was going to be a long walk, 15 miles.  While according to our map we had left the Wall, the Vallum and the ditch, this last section did hold some great views over the River Eden to Scotland. 

There is a great deal of curiosity as to what happened to the Wall in this last section. Looking at all the stone churches and stone homes and fences, it is no wonder why the Wall disappeared here. We had the opportunity to visit the 13th-century St Michael's Church where Edward the Firsts body lied in state in the church before being buried in Westminster Abbey.  After walking through the church grounds and sitting in the church for a bit, we walked on to the Greyhound Inn where there were picnic tables set up and we ordered some drinks and enjoyed what I hoped would be my last ham and cheese sandwich.

Lunch done, we were anxious to be on our way to come to the end of our journey as it had been a difficult week of walking.  There were no places to get lunch, or snacks, or any facilities and the terrain had been taxing on our feet and minds.  

We were now walking along the river as it widened and flattened out with marsh on either side.  We passed Port Carlisle where we would have to come back to catch our train back to London tomorrow and so hoped we could get a taxi or make arrangements to get a ride back to make our connections.  As we continued on we came to a man sitting along side the Path who had a sign post out by the River with the announcement that this was Bowness-on-Solway with destinations of where other walkers had come from.  We of course had to have our photo taken with Denver and Arizona with mileage on the sign as a keepsake.  Making our donation we continued on following the River to the end and the Sea.

In the small village of Bowness-on-Solway we turned left at the Kings Arms Pub, where we would come back for dinner, and found our lodging the Wallsend Guest House on the left.  A homey, comfortable B&B we found a log burning in the stove and noticed the grand staircase and yes, we had to carry our bags up.  But this would be the last time for this adventure.  We had missed the traditional tea so decided we would head back to the Pub for a celebratory drink and dinner of fish and chips. 

I decided that I was going to celebrate with a wee bit of Scotch Whiskey so I went up to the bar and asked the young girl what would be a smooth single malt for a small celebration.  An older man standing at the bar told her which one would be best.  He asked if I had walked the Wall and I said yes to which he replied, "You must be mighty strong to be such a wee lass and walk from Wallsend to Bowness.  He toasted me and I went back to our table to sip the wee bit of Scotch Whiskey.  A perfect ending to a perfect adventure.

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