Day Two and our Second Blessing

We were fortunate that the owners of our accommodations took us back to the village where we once again began our walk.  Another lovely morning, the steam off the river made for a magical sight.  We encountered a man and his dog shepherding his flock of sheep down through the small village.  Many of the homes were built from stone with slate or schist roofs.  The day was sunny making out walk most enjoyable.  I have to say the one thing that I found most offensive was the fact that there are so many cows in this region, there was always the fragrance of cow urine which made my stomach very upset. 

We stopped along the way and went inside a lovely little Catholic church, and enjoyed the cool of the stone walls, leaving a few coins in the basket as we left.  The day afforded amazing scenery.  Corn cribs - (Horreo) built up on stone and brick foundations with carvings and paintings, flowers along the side of the path, fruit trees beginning to bloom.  As we came into Palas De Rei, we walked through the outskirts of the town where a restaurant was boiling octopus.  Asking for directions we headed into the town and was having difficulty finding out accommodations.  It had been a long 9 hour walk and it was getting late.  I saw a church and thought there would still be someone there so climbed a mountain of steps to get there, to meet a lovely elderly man who spoke a bit of english.  I showed him the address of our accommodations only to find out, his home was next door.  He took a card from the table and proceeded to list everyone that lived at his home and then walked us to Casa Leopoldo.  I still have the card with all his family names.

A lovely accommodation, it is set in a historic home.  The twin beds in our room were covered with beautiful embroidered covers.  Showers taken, we headed out to find dinner and to call it a night.  Breakfast the next morning was a delicious affair and we got to add our names to the kitchen wall as to all the Pilgrims that had stayed there so far this year.  

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