Day Three - The Blessing on the Way to Melide

Another lovely day as we started out through town looking forward to being in the countryside.  We walked through a beautiful eucalyptus forest and while I was walking I could hear a cuckoo clock, or so I thought it was one.  I stopped and asked Charlotte if she heard it also and while she said she did, we could not see any kind of house, so where was it coming from?  Walking a little further, we heard it again and realized it was a cuckoo bird in the wild.  It never dawned on me that there were real cuckoo birds living in forests in Spain.  

We found ourselves crossing streams and creeks, walking over flat rocks that had been laid down so we would not get our shoes wet.  Such lovely scenery. Stopping late morning, early afternoon at a little cafe, we shared a soda, to calm my stomach, as the "cow" smell was still making me feel sick to my stomach. 

We had been walking paths which now opened up to a crossing on a main highway.  At the edge of the highway was a sign that showed Pilgrims crossing with a sign that told drivers to stop for Pilgrims.  I had stopped and was looking both ways, as an older man in a blue car stopped on the road and motioned me to go ahead and cross.  As I was crossing, I smiled at him and as I did, he smiled, crossed himself and put his hands as if in prayer and nodded to me.  He was blessing me on my journey.  

A shorter day of walking, we found ourselves in the village of Melide and at our guesthouse, Pension Berenguela, off a small street opposite the San Roque Park and just before the main roundabout of the town.  The Pension offered a lovely dinner and of course we had wine.  We had walked about half way to our destination, Santiago de Compostela.  Hot showers and clothes laid out for tomorrow as well as packs packed, we called it a day.

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