Day Seven - The Compostela

We woke to a grey morning but no rain so far.  Heading out after breakfast we were in search of the office that provided our Compostela.  The Compostela is a document written in Latin that the Pilgrim received if he or she has completed the necessary kilometers for a spiritual or religious reason.  It is believed that Pilgrims walk for a variety of reasons but only do you receive the Compostela if it is for spiritual or religious reasons. All other Pilgrims receive a certificate stating that they too have walked the necessary miles. Some people have walked as a profession of faith, or as a means of atonement and then there is some who were just glad to escape their surroundings.

Walking through Santiago, we found the office and proceeded to get in line.  The line was long but we had come this far, we were not about to not get the paper that said we had completed this walk.  There were people who had walked the entire Camino in one long walk, there were Pilgrims going on to Finesta, the end of the world, on the Atlantic Ocean, and then there were Pilgrims who had walked the Camino in stages, like me.

For me, I realize that different aspects of my life continue to come into perspective for me since having walked the Camino.  I am forever changed not only physically but spiritually because of what I experienced.  I am blessed having walked the Camino and wish all of you a Beun Camino.

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