Day Five - On to Rua to Receive Another Blessing

Another breakfast and a wonderful cup of coffee found us looking at the map and reading directions for today's journey.  As we finished up, got our packs and headed out the door, we realized that the path was behind our hotel, so up the street and around the corner we saw the yellow arrows pointing the way. 

The day was sunny as we left town but could see clouds building up in the what I thought was the east.  We had been blessed with great weather since we began our walk and I was beginning to feel our luck may have been running out.  We passed more cows and forests and streams as we walked on.  Ahead of us were a group of young ladies from Ireland on holiday that we had met two days before...they were taking selfies so of course I had to photo bomb their photo thinking of the laugh they will have going through their photos later.

We stopped and got some lunch at a little cafe and in the field next to where our table sat, an older man in trousers, a cardigan, good shoes and a cap was out hoeing in his turned field with his wife, who was in a dress with an apron.  Working their fields today as they had for years. A look back into the past, today.

As we finished lunch the sun disappeared and while it was nice to not have the sun beating down on us, it also meant we would probably get some rain at some point in time.  We had looked at the map while eating and while Rua was 19km, we had made good time and figured we should be there after about another 4-5 hours of walking.  According to our directions the Hotel Restaurante O Pino offered traditional Galician cuisine and was located on the right hand side of the St. James' Way.  We were supposed to pass the chapel and Santa Irene hostel, descend through an eucalyptus forest where we will reach the medieval village after crossing a small stream.  At the entrance to the village, next to a fountain, we were to turn right and after 100 meters we would be at the accommodation, so it said.

The clouds had closed in around us with a light mist as we came down out of the forest and crossed the stream. We came to a place that had two or three stone homes along the road, but no where could we find a fountain so we kept walking.  We walked about a quarter or a mile, only to cross a main highway.  We knew we had missed the village but where was it?

Turning around we headed back toward the forest.  Along the way, there was an elderly man pushing a wheel barrow so I stopped and asked him if he spoke any English.  He shook his head no, so I showed him the address we were looking for...he took my arm and motioned for us to follow him.  As we came back to the stone houses, we now saw the fountain.  When we walked by earlier there was a car parked in front of the fountain, so we missed it.  He pointed down a small road to our left and wished us Beun Camino.  The mist had now turned to a light rain as we saw our accommodations down the road.  Coming up to the door, sitting outside in a covered patio was our new friends from Michigan and it seemed our KT tape had done the trick.  Must be time for wine.

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