Day Four - Meeting New Friends from the USA

Passing the little cafe where we had enjoyed the most amazing calimari yesterday with our lovely red wine as we came into the town, we headed out of town following the yellow arrows and scallop shells, pointing us to Santiago.  We now were seeing other Pilgrims that we had greeted and chatted with earlier in our walk as we all were getting closer to our destination, Santiago.

I have often been asked how did I plan where to stay?  I used an amazing company called Macs Adventure.  I told them where I wanted to start my walk and how many days I wanted to walk and they did the rest.  I knew I did not want to stay in hostels with 50 other people, coughing and snoring all night as well as there seemed to be issues of bed bugs.  Macs Adventure also will transport one bag not weighing more than 40 pounds for you.  You put the bag out in the morning, usually by the front door of where you are staying, and when you arrive at your next destination, there it is...usually at the bottom of the stairs. This made our walk so much more enjoyable as all we had to carry was a day pack with our rain gear, water and some snacks. The accommodations they chose for us were lovely and the people we me at each place were kind and caring.  I will use Macs Adventure again for our next trek as they offer walks, bike excursions all over the world.  Check them out at 

The day was very warm and we had to laugh as somewhere in the early afternoon we saw a sign and a number for a taxi.  We both looked at each other and decided we had come to far to take the easy way out, so we kept walking.  While today was not a long day only 13km, the heat made it difficult where there was no shade.  We filled our water bottles at a fountain that was marked with the scallop shell letting us know the water was good to drink and walked on.

In Aruza, a rather large town, we found our accommodation, after I stopped into a stationary store to ask directions only to find the hotel was in the next block.  As we approached we saw what looked like other Pilgrims, sitting outside at the umbrella tables relaxing. Checking in, we freshened up and headed downstairs for our celebratory glass of red wine.  Only in Spain is the local bottle of wine cheaper that a bottle of water.  The tables were filling up so we found an empty one and sat down.  As we did, we say another lady looking for a place to sit, so we asked her to come sit with us.  Seems she and her sister and cousin were from Michigan and were traveling together to Santiago.  Her sister was having pain and problems with her knee and they were not sure what to do about it.  We told her about how Charlotte and I both had KT tape and gave her one of our rolls and scissors to cut the tape.  We enjoyed learning about her and to talk to someone from home.  We had eaten so many appetizers that we decided to call it dinner and as the sun went down we headed to our room to get sorted for our walk to Rua.


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