Just What Have I Gotten Myself Into - The Beaten Path

The first three miles of our hike leaving from East Rosebud Trail head will take us through burned forest and young lodge pole pines.  The area was burned in 1996 and the forest has been slow in recovering.  The first lake we will see is the Elk Lake and it is here that the trail begins to increase in grade.

The next three miles climb 900 feet which eventually leads to a large rock field, where the remaining 560 feet of elevation are gained.  This could be a bit of a challenge as the rock field can me very hot in the afternoon when the sun heats up the narrow canyon.  Through the rock riled the trail overlooks a beautiful view of Rimrock Lake.

We are going to hike approximately 6 miles a day, finding suitable camping places along the way.  Past Rimrock Lake there is a forest that will offer shade with the tail running for a mile here with a few small hills before the fantastic view of Rainbow Lake  The next mile runs downhill, losing 130 feet that brings us to the inlet of Rainbow Lake and campsites.

Hiking past Rainbow Lake, we continue through forests and start back uphill, gaining 500 feet in the next mile taking us to Lake at Falls.  There are two large waterfalls that plunge hundreds of feet down into the lake. Continuing on, Big Park Lake appears and can be a perfect place to encounter grizzly bears so we need to be sure there are not food scents around our camp.

Traveling on another 2 miles, Duggan Lake appears and it is here that we will see the most spectacular waterfall on our hike, Impasse Falls. The Falls plunge into the lake and the trail runs right alonside the this amazing waterfall.

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